EssEnCon GP founded in Athens, in April 2019, and its partners are five highly qualified engineers, of different background, with long experience, locally and internationally, in energy and engineering projects.

The EssEnCon GP team was working together in different energy & energy efficiency projects in previous years, before their decision to form the company.


The main activities of the EssEnCon team, as clearly stated in its stature, are to:

Conduct energy audits for all types of buildings and industries, in accordance with the provisions of Greek Energy Efficiency Law, L.4342/2015

Perform detailed energy audits in buildings, industries and SMEs

Prepare feasibility studies for RES and Energy-Efficiency projects

Prepare required studies for the licenses of the energy projects, (i.e. Regulator, etc.)

Design electromechanical studies for buildings, industry and SMEs, with attention to energy efficiency applications and measures

Supervise energy, environmental & electromechanical projects for buildings and industry

Participate in National European and international programs on Energy, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change issues

Design energy and environmental management systems suitable for buildings of tertiary sector and for industries (i.e. ISO 50001)